Moasure Showcases Measuring Technology at World of Concrete

Moasure Showcases Measuring Technology at World of Concrete

The Moasure team was thrilled to exhibit at this year's World of Concrete tradeshow – the concrete industry's largest annual event.

Wrapping up with over 36,000 delegates in attendance, Moasure's revolutionary measuring technology attracted the attention of industry professionals from all over the world – from concrete contractors and pool experts to construction managers and decorative concrete specialists.

Other delegates who visited Moasure's booth were able to see first-hand just how easily complex shapes and spaces are measured thanks to patened technology that's transforming the concrete and construction industry.

Updates to Moasure's Measuring Technology

Revolutionizing how working men and women measure complex spaces, Moasure ONE is transforming the concrete and construction industry with its ability to measure irregular shapes while simultaneously capturing an on-screen diagram.

Contractors who previously relied on error-prone traditional measuring tools can now rapidly calculate area, measure perimeters and distance while factoring in gradients and elevations.

The latest Moasure companion app now lets users measure multiple areas in relation to each other – using the new Layers feature, streamlining the creation of complete 3D site models complete with perimeter and area calculations as well as changes in elevation. Simply tapping on any point captured during a measurement allows the user to see elevation relative to the measurement starting point.

In addition to Moasure's powerful Layers feature that measures multiple shapes in relation to each other, estimators can also view the elevation or fall between any two points captured during the measurement.

Using accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers and advanced, proprietary algorithms, Moasure ONE measures its own movement in 3 dimensions without relying on cell phone signal or GPS.

Meeting Moasure Power Users

We're overjoyed to have been visited by World of Concrete delegates who have already discovered Moasure – and who are already leveraging its smart features in order to spend less time measuring awkward areas and to be more in control of costs thanks to accurate estimates. Hear what Moasure Power Users had to say:

Patrick Zweifel, OCF Decorative Concrete

Braeden Emrick, Brown Contracting

Bo Rice, Step On It (Austin, TX)

Moasure's 2022 Tour

The Moasure team hope to attend a variety of global tradeshows and events this year – unveiling even more updates and new features along the way. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter in case you'd like to meet us and see our technology in action.

Difficult Measuring Made Easy

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