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September 14, 2021

Thanks to Moasure user feedback and our passion for developing a better, smarter and faster way to measure, we're delighted to announce a new companion app for the Moasure ONE measuring device. We're confident that with the app's new features, you'll be able to measure faster and save even more time.

The new Moasure PRO app delivers on some of the most frequently requested features from Moasure users which will enable you to spend less time measuring and get more done.

Moasure PRO is completely free of charge to both new and existing Moasure ONE users and you can enjoy the benefits of all the new features straightaway by downloading the app for your Apple device (via the app store) or your Android device (via the Google Play store).

Whilst the list of improvements and enhancements is extensive, read on to see some of the highlights.


New Design

Measuring is now even more convenient thanks to a much larger canvas with clean, modern and minimal aesthetic. Compatible in both light and dark modes, the canvas enables you to get a better view on your measurement diagram.

Simplified Measuring

With Moasure PRO, you can now select the type of measurement you wish to take from a simplified list. Once you've begun your measurement, you'll discover a new feature – Paths.

Using Paths, you'll be able to switch between Straight Line, Trace Line, Arc and more. This means you'll have more control during a single measurement. For example, you'll be able to switch from measuring in a straight line from one point to another, to measuring around a curved line.

Moasure Coach

Moasure PRO features improved, in-app feedback giving you more detail and specific feedback on your measuring technique. Easy-to-follow feedback from Moasure Coach will help you improve accuracy and give you more confidence in the way you measure.


You can now conveniently organise and group your measurements into Folders.


Now, you can measure multiple shapes relative to each other – all in one, single measurement.

This new and powerful feature, called Layers, enables you to measure shapes, or Layers, within an area and produce a comprehensive on-screen diagram of all Layers – measurements displayed with each diagram, and all positioned relative to each other.

When a Layer is selected by tapping any one of its edges, you'll be able to give it a name. You'll also be able to toggle the visibility of each layer. Additionally, all Layers can be exported using Moasure Export, either individually or all in one, single file.

Cross Section

Available within the View menu, Cross Section allows you to view the distance, gradient or rise and run between any two points.

New Options for Moasure Export Subscribers

Measurements captured by Moasure can now be exported in new formats including CSV++ file and SVG image format. In addition, the Moasure PRO app allows you to share a Moasure File (.mfile) meaning you can share a complete measurement with other Moasure users who'll be able to open and view the measurement's data and diagram.

iPad Compatibility

iPad users are now able to enjoy all the benefits of Moasure thanks to full iPad compatibility.

A Better Way to Measure

We hope you enjoy all of the new features of the new Moasure PRO app. If you have any questions or if you'd like to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here. You can also contact the Moasure support team from within the app.