Meet Moasure® ONE

The World's First Motion-Based Measuring Tool

Difficult Measuring Made Easy

Measuring complex shapes with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring the difficult, simple.

Measure & Draw Simultaneously

Review drawings on your smartphone or tablet

Calculate Area & More

Automatically calculate the area of complex shapes

Save Time, Do More

Rapidly measure indoor or outdoor spaces

Trusted by Professionals

Loved by landscapers, architects and more

Trusted by Professionals

“Having the Moasure device has meant we're able to take measurements quickly on site and transfer them to CAD - it really speeds up the whole process.”
- Tom Bradley, Bradley's Surfacing Systems
“What Moasure gives me is the shape - it maps it out perfectly and it's so quick and easy. Honestly, this would have paid for itself within the first week of using it and I've told everyone I know that does anything like this to get Moasure – because it's brilliant.”
- Phil Hicks, Easigrass
“We save a lot of time measuring with Moasure. Most of my sales agents would take 20-30 minutes to measure out an area, with Moasure it takes 2-3 minutes.”
- Joshua Apodaca, Artificial Grass Masters

Moasure Partners

A host of industry-leading technologies integrate with Moasure.

It Really Is Rocket Science
Moasure ONE puts rocket science in the palm of your hand.