Moasure® for Artificial Grass Installers

Measure smarter, measure quicker, measure more.

Difficult Measuring Made Easy with Moasure ONE

Meet the world's first motion-measuring tool.

Moasure’s patented technology is transforming the synthetic turf industry work with its ability to measure and draw – rapidly and simultaneously.

Measuring complex shapes with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring the difficult, simple. Moasure enables artificial grass project estimators to measure in a completely new way, just by moving from one point to another, with measurement data captured in real-time and viewable on your smartphone or tablet screen.

You can also draw while you measure, capture in 3D, factor in gradients and elevations and calculate the area of complex spaces with ease – even around obstacles.

This really is the smart new way to measure.

Measure & Draw Simultaneously

Review drawings on your smartphone or tablet

Calculate Area & More

Automatically calculate the area of complex spaces

Save Time, Do More

Boost productivity by spending less time measuring

A Measuring Tool Like No Other

Measure & Draw Simultaneously

Effortlessly measure curves and free-form shapes. Simply trace along the edges of an area using Moasure ONE to digitally capture the outline and dimensions of the shape.

Moasure makes light work of measuring curved lawns, patios, driveways and other complex shapes – accurately capturing measurement data and plotting a diagram as you move around.

Measure Changes in Elevation

Moasure captures three dimensional spaces with ease and allows you to review them on screen. It’s easy to calculate the gradient, rise and run or height difference between any two points.

From measuring complex shapes like sloped lawns or driveways, to calculating rise and run – difficult measuring is made easy with Moasure.

Measure Multiple Areas in One

Measure multiple shapes relative to each other – all in one, single measurement. This new and powerful feature, called Layers, enables you to measure shapes, or Layers, within an area and produce a comprehensive on-screen diagram of all Layers – all positioned relative to each other.


Measure Around Obstacles

Moasure ONE's advanced motion-measuring technology enables you to rapidly take measurements regardless of obstructions such as garden furniture, walls, large bushes or trees. Simply moving around an obstacle and utilizing Moasure's Ignore Point feature displays a complete measurement as if the obstacle was never there.

Measure Circles, Arcs & Curves

Simply collect 3 or more points along a curve and Moasure ONE will calculate:

Area, Circumference, Diameter, Radius

Arc Length, Arc Angle, Segment Area, Chord Length, Arc Radius

Measure Indoors & Outdoors

Calculate the total area and perimeter of individual rooms, buildings, storage sheds or garages. Moasure ONE makes light work of large or small buildings or rooms, measuring and drawing as you move.

Featured Moasure Customers

How Moasure Works

Moasure’s patented technology uses motion to take measurements, leveraging inertial sensors and a proprietary algorithm to deliver an innovative new way to measure.

Measuring its own movement in three dimensions, Moasure ONE knows its own position in 3D space doesn't rely on GPS, phone signal or daylight, making it easy to single-handedly measure distance, perimeter, area, changes in elevation and more – at any time, in any place.

Moasure's dependable technology enables landscaping contractors to drop error-prone measuring methods and replace traditional tools with the one tool that does it all.

Export with Moasure PLUS*

Boost productivity and optimize your workflow even further with Moasure PLUS. The Moasure PLUS add-on subscription allows you to share your measurements with colleagues or export data straight from the app and into your favorite software, saving you hours and making it easier to collaborate or create job proposals. With Moasure PLUS, you can export your measurement data popular software such as:

Even without Moasure PLUS, you can still save and view measurements within the Moasure companion app.

*Optional Monthly Subscription Add-On: Only $9.99 per month – no contract, cancel anytime.

Enjoy a 30-day free trial when you buy Moasure ONE.

Real Stories from Real Artificial Grass Installers

“When I say this is the best tool I've ever purchased, that's honestly no exaggeration.”

"We save a lot of time measuring with Moasure. Most of my sales agents would take 20-30 minutes to measure out an area, with Moasure it takes 2-3 minutes."

Joshua Apodaca
Artificial Grass Masters

Arizona, US

"What Moasure gives me is the shape - it maps it out perfectly and it's so quick and easy. Honestly, this would have paid for itself within the first week of using it and I've told everyone I know that does anything like this to get Moasure – because it's brilliant."

Phil Hicks
Easigrass Yorkshire
United Kingdom

"Having the Moasure device has meant we're able to take measurements quickly on site and transfer them to CAD - it really speeds up the whole process."

Tom Bradley
Bradley's Surfacing Systems

United Kingdom

"This thing has popped up on my Facebook over the last year and half.. I should've bought this thing last year when I saw it.. this thing just takes it all away, makes it easier, much more streamlined."

Mike Barber
Elevate Outdoor Living

Michigin, US

"Moasure allows us to get much more accurate estimates, both for fertilization, weed control and for putting in mulch."

Ken Hyatt
Village Green Lawn & Landscape
Arizona, US

"For the last 12 years I have been using a measuring tape to plot out designs in yards and equipment placements. The measuring process alone would take me about an hour or more. With Moasure I take measurements in less than 10 min and then export a PDF file back to my computer's layout software. Moasure has saved me an minimum of 6 hours productivity time every week since we incorporated into our business. Thanks you all so much for the great tool!"

Ken Coffey
ForeverLawn TX Gulf Coast
Texas, US

"Moasure is great for my job measuring gardens."

Lucy Norton
Artificial Grass Cambridge
Cambridge, United Kingdom

"Moasure saves me hours in the office by working out my square metres instantly for me."

Dax Hardwick
NOMOW Synthetic Lawns
Derbyshire, United Kingdom

"I don't even carry a measuring tape anymore. Moasure makes measurements quick, simple and reliable. I use it as a talking point while my clients watch my turn it on and start measuring. We can both trust the measurement, instilling confidence in them and me that the client is getting an accurate and honest estimate."

Cameron Pongs
Capital SynTurf
California, US

"Moasure is a game changer for us! We do artificial turf installs and it’s critical to have an accurate picture of the area vs just the total square ft. Moasure saves my estimators more than 30 minutes on most appointment because of how easy and efficient is. Also, it’s very accurate and has never led us astray. "

Matthew Saxton
SynLawn Jacksonville
Florida, US

"I love to use Moasure for getting accurate measurements in square feet and linear feet and the ability to send the graphic representation of their yard!"

Kent Bonds
Atlanta, US

"Moasure has improved my ability to create accurate designs and quotes for my customers. It takes the thought out of my bids. I show up, open app, extend my stick and within minutes I am sending the measurement to my computer. It saves me hours on each job. "

Cole McConnell
Synthetic Turf International of Idaho
Idaho, US

"It is a great device that has streamlined what we do and save A LOT of time on site"

Andy Bedford
Just Like Grass
Kinloch, New Zealand

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.

If you would like to return your Moasure ONE, simply keep your original product packaging and accessories and ensure the device is in sellable condition (we know you have to use it).Get in touch with us to and return the product within 30 days from purchase.

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