Moasure Reviews

"When I first heard about this technology “measuring by just moving”, I was sceptical; but the more, I use it, the more I like and trust it. Moasure ONE is the only device you need for numerous measuring tasks and can deal with tasks where rulers or tape measures give up. The tool and the app design, functionality and stability deserves MORE than five stars!"

Christian Braun

"This little measuring device does everything 3D says it will do. I have used pocket measuring tools for 25 years in my professional surveying career and I am very pleased with the accuracy and, more importantly, the repeatability of the Moasure One. The 3d measure function that sends a DXF file to my email is also quite impressive. Interior as-builts will be ten times faster now. I am very, very pleased."

Ben Rumbaugh

" I have both the app and the Moasure device and together they make a remarkable pairing. I had difficulty when I first started using Moasure, but the developer has been constantly making improvements and they really show. The ability to measure gradients and circles is a huge plus, and the increase in accuracy and flexibility in taking measurements has made this a truly useful tool. Extraordinary value for money."


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Please note reviews on the various on the app stores include reviews for the the Moasure App, where the app utilises the phones internal sensors, not reviews about Moasure ONE.

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