How it works

What is Motion Measuring?

Motion Measuring is the simplest and most natural way to measure.

It puts in your hands one tool that can measure any distance, height, width, level, angle or incline. All you need to do is move and tap.

You can use a smartphone or one of our more specialist Moasure tools, the principle is the same, tap to begin measuring and touch down and hold to finish and let Moasure do the rest.

It is that simple, you no longer need a box of tools, one measure, lots of easy measurements. And a small tool at that, Moasure ONE will fit into the tightest spaces and works just as easily in the dark as in very bright light.

How Does it Work?

As you touch down from one point to another Moasure plots each position and calculates all the relevant measurements at the same time. So, if you take a straight-line measurement from one wall to another, Moasure will calculate the A to B measurement, but it will also be able to calculate the difference in height, level or angle between the two points.

Intelligent Measuring

Moasure is an incredibly smart measure, working powerfully with all the data it collects. Touch the diagonal corners of a room and Moasure will produce length and width measurements and calculate the 2D area of the room all at the same time. It can just as simply calculate 3D measurements and volume of any object whether that’s a box for packing or a round table or piece of furniture to put in storage.

Moasure can also adjust measurements to ignore obstacles, so if you need to move around furniture or move through doors to get from one room to another, it will measure as if the obstacles and walls are not there. Moasure can also adjust measurements if you cannot reach in a straight line across a room.

We think motion measuring will change the way we think about measurement.

The Technology behind Moasure

Moasure uses the same technologies that are used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of the rocket’s movement in space. Moasure uses the same principles with accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers plotting its position in 3D space, measuring g-force and rotation and taking account of the gravitational changes with altitude and latitude.

Moasure takes more than 500 sensor measurements every second as you moveComplex software algorithms process this data and calculate how far Moasure has been moved and rotated  

As Moasure plots and measures at the same time, all you need to do is move and Moasure will track its position from point to point and give you the measurement. This means it is as easy to measure across a room from one wall to another, as it is the whole length of a garden; and as easy to measure a flat surface as it is a curved wall or a cylinder or something irregular like a run of pipe round the wall of the house.

Moasure’s accuracy depends on the quality of the sensors and this depends on the model of smartphone you might use if you use the Moasure App, or the specification of your Moasure product, such as Moasure ONE. The higher the specification of the sensors the more accurate the measurement. Accuracy statements are provided for each product on this website.