Irrigation and Landscape Design Software for Professionals

Pro Contractor Studio is an efficient irrigation design Software for optimal water management and also allows you to transform landscapes with their innovative landscape design software.

This software allows you to import DXF files from your Moasure measurements and immediately start designing.

Takeoff with Pro Contractor Studio

Pro Contractor Studio is a comprehensive solution for designing and managing irrigation systems. Offering advanced features like hydraulic analysis, distribution analysis, and water scheduling.

Whilst also, having landscape design tools which provide an easy way to manage projects, including cost estimation and material list creation.

Pro Contractor Studio can easily open .dxf files, and includes tools like Import DXF, which allows you to import accurate DXF data from your Moasure.

Measure & Draw with Moasure

Measure and draw at the same time, capturing elevation changes as you go. All in a fraction of the time it used to take.

No more wasting time transforming scribbled measurements into drawings, Moasure does it all for you while you go.

Moasure makes light work of measuring large or small complex areas – accurately capturing measurement data and plotting a diagram as you move around.

Download and Import DXF files

With just a few taps, export your completed measurement to a DXF format file - complete with X, Y, Z data for each measurement point.

In addition to a DXF, measurements can be exported to PDF so that you can share detailed drawings with colleagues or customers

You can then import the DXF or into Pro Contractor Studio.

Use your Moasure with Pro Contractor Studio

Pro Contractor Studio have software to use for Landscape and Irrigation Design.

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