Moasure for Appraisers

Moasure® is a revolutionary new technology, that measures by moving.

Measure individual rooms and external property dimensions faster than every before.

Introducing Moasure ONE and Moasure 3D

Moasure ONE

Smart Motion-Based Measuring Tool

Export Your Measurements
Capture and Export 3D Data from Moasure ONE

Capture a Floor Plan Outline in Minutes

Use Moasure to build a floor plan outline ready to share as a .DXF or .CSV, in the time it takes you to walk around a room.

Moasure ONE measures like no other tool you own

Here are some of the unique ways the Moasure® ONE™ can help you:

Circles & Arcs

Rapidly capture dimensions of circles and arcs

Capture 3 or more points on the perimeter to measure the radius, diameter, circumference or even the area of a circle.

Arc Mode enables you to measure arc length, arc angle and segment area just as simply.

Wall Thickness

This one is pure magic (almost) !

Moasure's flexibility enables you to measure the thickness of walls and other objects, where obstacles prevent you from using your conventional measuring tools.

Height Difference

Measure changes in elevation in seconds

Simply select "Height" mode and move the Moasure ONE to measure the change in elevation over long distances.

Moasure will display the measurement ready for you to save in the app or share via email.

Rise & Run

Simultaneously measure vertical and horizontal distances

Measure up ramps and stair cases quickly, by simply moving Moasure ONE from one end of the slope to the other.


Measure inclines in degrees, percent or a ratio

Much like with Rise and Run mode, simple move Moasure ONE along the slope to capture the gradient.

Plus many more measuring modes

Moasure ONE also measures distance, level, angles, area, volume and so much more

Moasure® ONE



  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android devices
  • Free Shipping


" When I first heard about this technology “measuring by just moving”, I was sceptical; but the more, I use it, the more I like and trust it. Moasure ONE is the only device you need for numerous measuring tasks and can deal with tasks where rulers or tape measures give up. The tool and the app design, functionality and stability deserves MORE than five stars ! "

Christian Braun

Proptech Finalists -Moasure secures a place in the final 25

"22 Innovative Technology Startups To Watch"

Moasure crowned the hottest startup at CES 2019


What accuracy can I expect to achieve with Moasure ONE?

+/- 0.5% for a single dimension measurements
+/- 1.5% for two & three dimension measurements

How can I try out Moasure ONE?

Moasure ONE is currently only available directly from our website. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply order the Moasure ONE online and in the unlikely event that you are not impressed, just get in touch to arrange a return and refund.

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