ArcSite – Moasure® Integration Partner

The mobile drawing solution that streamlines your entire workflow

Estimators, Technicians, and Inspectors from all kinds of industries love ArcSite.

From presenting visual sales proposals to gathering in-depth site data, ArcSite does so much more than amazing drawings.

Transform your job quoting process and beat out the competition with the unmatched measurement accuracy and efficiency of Moasure and job-based layouts, site plans, estimates, and takeoff reports with ArcSite.

Moasure + Arcsite Live Demo

Seamlessly import your measurements from Moasure into ArcSite with a single tap - see this partnership in action here.

Moasure & Mr Fence

Mr Fence and Barry show how easily you can use Moasure and ArcSite together. You can take your measurements and turn them into a fully priced customer proposal in minutes.

Moasure + ArcSite Integration Benefits

Save time and increase accuracy

Effortlessly measure customer sites (indoors and outdoors) with Moasure®. Instantly transfer these measurements into ArcSite with the tap of a button. Using Moasure®you can measure lines, angles, arcs, areas and more with proven accuracy. When imported into ArcSite, you remove the possibility for measurement and pricing errors.

Drawings that price themselves

Turn your measurements and site drawings into a custom sales proposal in just a few taps by adding in your own products and services directly on the drawing.

Automate BOM and Take-off

Quickly and easily generate and export detailed takeoff and BOM reports while in the field.

ArcSite automatically tallies and records every product placed in your drawing including custom data points that fit your team's workflow.

Generate professional estimates and close bids onsite

Automatically generate beautiful, professional estimates based on your measurements and drawings that stand out from the competition and help you close more deals. Generate a quote on-site and allow customers to sign and accept the proposal directly on your iPad or iPhone.

Collaborate between field and office

ArcSite drawings are immediately backed up to the cloud so you can standardize your process for the entire team. Every drawing you create is accessible through the ArcSite admin console and can be shared with other team members.

"ArcSite’s integration with Moasure offers our users a new and innovative way to measure work sites, inside and out, with speed and accuracy like never before. This fresh approach allows users to measure, draw, quote, and close in a rapid and professional manner."

Pei Zhan
Founder & CEO, ArcSite

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"Moasure's new integration with ArcSite provides our users even more ways to serve their customers. Combining Moasure's quick and efficient measuring technology with ArcSite's ability to create priced proposals instantly, you'll be closing more deals than ever before."