What's New In v3.4

What's New In v3.4


See dimension of lines in real time as you draw, also tap a point and see its XYZ coordinate value. See an example in the video below:

Note: 2D modes will only show the XY coordinates.

Open your previously saved measurements and benefit from these changes today.

Zoom in for Measurement Details:

For more detailed measurements where there is insufficient space on the screen to display the measurement values, simple zoom in (pinch) to view the dimension. (Watch the video example)


Polygon Mode has been replaced with "2D Draw". Use this mode to measure up:

  • Rooms, Lawns, Patios, Driveways etc

2D Draw now includes the "Auto-Join Start/Finish" feature, which increases measurement accuracy when the first and last points are the same location.

3D Points has been replaced with "3D Draw". Use this mode to also capture changes in elevation, for example, to measure up:

  • Landscapes with slopes
  • Ramps
  • Stairs


Moasure 3D is being replaced by "Moasure Export". Moasure 3D gave users access to "3D Points" mode and the ability to export as a DXF or CSV file.

Now with "Moasure Export", you can:

  • Print and export from both 2D Draw and 3D Draw

  • Print fully dimensioned PDF & PNG drawings

  • Export 2D or 3D DXF files for importing into CAD

  • Export 2D or 3D co-ordinate data as a CSV file

TIP: You can now export a 2D DXF file from a previously saved "Polygon" mode measurement

For complex measurements where the dimensions are overlapping and hard to read when exporting as a PDF or PNG. Visit the settings "Gear Icon" in 2D or 3D Draw mode and then switch to "Side Number" under the "Line Labels" option.


The header values for the .CSV file have been updated. The columns are now labeled X, Y, Z and also include the export units

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