Moasure named a finalist at CES 2019

Moasure named a finalist at CES 2019

3D Technologies announced that its newest product release Moasure ONE, the world’s first motion-measuring tool, has been named one of the 12 finalists at LaunchIt, the prestigious event that helps entrepreneurs and startups raise early seed capital. Judges select from more than 1,100 young, innovative, and transformative startups that exhibit in Eureka Park, a marketplace within the 2019 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) where entrepreneurs and startups launch new products and ideas to an audience of retailers, venture capitalists, manufacturers and others.

Moasure ONE is an all-in-one compact tool for measuring in 1D, 2D and 3D, diameter, circumference, angles and levels. It measures in 24 different ways just by moving it around. This cutting-edge technology is packed into a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Motion-measuring is the technology used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of movement in 3D space. Moasure ONE uses this technology to take and calculate precise measurements. Using accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers, it plots its three-dimensional position in any space to measure distance, angle, level, and more.

Moasure ONE’s powerful motion sensors provide a combination of accuracy and versatility that can’t be beaten by lasers, AR, GPS, or camera-based apps. It’s the first measuring tool of its kind.

Some applications of Moasure ONE:

  • Measures through/around obstacles
  • Measures irregular shapes and curves
  • Measures distance and angle simultaneously.
  • Measures area and volume of spaces in homes, offices, cargo areas, gardens, etc.
  • Measures the dimensions of objects and furniture
  • Measures incline or slope
  • Measures circumference, diameter and radius of circles and arcs
  • Measures the length of irregular curves and area of irregular shapes

Moasure ONE is simple to use; just move it from one point to another. It doesn’t matter if there are obstacles like furniture or walls in the way … just walk round them. Measure the length of the room, the house, or even the whole plot just by walking and tapping the device; measure to 1000ft (300m) or more. Because it doesn’t use lasers or a camera, Moasure ONE isn’t restricted by light, space or line-of- sight. Use it outdoors in bright sunshine or inside in dim light, with or without obstacles.

Moasure One can be recharged via its micro-USB port. The battery will last for more than 500 measurements on a single charge. Moasure One works with a free downloadable app (Android and iPhone). Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) connectivity ensures an immediate and stable connection with low energy use.

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