Moasure Extension Pole

Using an extension pole with Moasure ONE is a great way to measure outdoor surfaces and hard to reach areas, such as ceilings and walls with shrubbery/obstacles in front of them.

Whilst we plan to launch a bespoke extension pole in the near future, we have tried and tested many extension poles and would be happy to recommend the following:

Whilst there are numerous 'extension poles' in the market, we would recommend selecting something that is more sturdy, similar to a camera tripod leg than the cheaper and more flimsy "selfie sticks".

Extension Pole Recommendations (

Please note the clamp mechanism (which holds the Moasure ONE) included with the above recommendations do not hold the Moasure ONE in the correct orientation.  We would recommend the following clamp that will attach to the above extension poles and replace the one included. 

Spring Clamp Recommendations (