Moasure Awarded King's Award for Innovation & International Trade

In a remarkable story of innovation and ambition, the company behind the world’s first motion-based measuring tool, Moasure, has achieved extraordinary recognition, receiving the prestigious King’s Awards for Enterprise in two categories: Innovation and International Trade. 

The dual award win places the Warwick-based company among an exclusive group of just five organisations this year to receive accolades in two distinct categories, underscoring its significant impact on both technology and global commerce.

The name 'Moasure'—a blend of 'motion' and 'measure'—was inspired by a simple DIY challenge faced by electronics engineer and entrepreneur, Alan Rock. In 2004, Rock's prototype of a motion-sensor-based measuring device paved the way for the Moasure ONE, the company’s flagship product.

Launched in 2018 on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo, this measuring tool incorporates high-performance inertial sensors and advanced software algorithms. It connects to a user's smartphone through a proprietary app. As the device is moved from one point to another, it tracks its movement in three dimensions, allowing the app to generate a fully-dimensioned drawing on the operator's screen.

Moasure ONE's advanced capabilities in rapidly and accurately measuring perimeters, areas, elevations, and volumes have revolutionised industries such as landscaping, construction, and excavation. The tool enables users to digitally capture 3D measurement data and drawings, which can be exported in PDF format or directly to computer-aided design (CAD) software.

The Warwickshire-based company employs 50 individuals and has experienced remarkable overseas earnings growth of over 600% in the past three years. Through its direct-to-customer eCommerce operation, it has shipped orders to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Alan Rock, Founder and Co-CEO of Moasure commenting on the dual award win said, "We are deeply honoured by the King's Awards recognition for both Innovation and International Trade. This dual accolade marks a significant milestone for Moasure, driving our passion for continuous innovation and excellence. As our team expands and our customer base grows, we are excited to push the boundaries of technology even further. At Moasure, we are dedicated to consistently refining our products and actively exploring the future possibilities within the realm of measurement technology."

Co-CEO Mo Hussain added, “Receiving two King’s Awards for Enterprise is a tremendous honour. It affirms our belief that our measuring technology is truly groundbreaking and has global appeal, while also underscoring the passion, skill, and dedication of our talented team. From the outset, our strategy has been to adopt an 'international-first' approach to launching and scaling sales in multiple geographic regions outside of the UK. This strategy has helped us deliver record-breaking sales year after year. Winning the King’s Award for International Trade is a great testament to this.

The King’s Awards for Enterprise, established 58 years ago and recently renamed in memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II by His Majesty The King, represent the highest standard of business excellence in the UK. Winning enterprises are granted the privilege to use the prestigious King’s Awards Emblem for the next five years. 

Using the double award win as a springboard for further growth and with a strategy deeply rooted in continuous improvement based on customer feedback, Moasure is well-positioned to achieve an even greater global impact as a leader in innovation.

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