Manufacturing Update - January 2019

Manufacturing Update - January 2019

Hi Moasure Backers,

A Happy New Year to all our backers, and I hope it proves to be a prosperous and peaceful year for each of you.

Since our last update, we’ve continued to make good progress:

  • The first batch of PCBAs were completed by our contract electronic manufacturer (CEM), and they’ve been fully tested and approved. The CEM has now progressed to mass production of the PCBA.
  • We’ve received the ‘First off Tool’ samples of the injection moulded housing (see photo), and overall we’re really pleased with them.  However, there are a few minor issues - which is normal with injection moulding - such as slight ‘flashes’ of additional over-moulded rubber material, and inconsistencies in the surface finish of the housing in a few places. The tooling will need some minor adjustments to resolve these issues.



  • We’ve completed the RF Certification testing (CE and FCC) and Moasure ONE passed all the tests.
  • We at last have working production Moasure ONE units that look, feel and perform like the final product!

Unfortunately we have also experienced a small delay as a result of an issue with the production software that controls the gyro calibration station.  This, together with the work required to adjust the injection mould tooling, means that we will no longer be able to manufacture and ship Moasure ONE to all our backers prior to Chinese New Year.  

With the  Chinese New Year factory shutdown lasting 2-3 weeks, it now means that shipping of Moasure ONEs to our backers will be delayed an extra 3 weeks, until the week commencing 18th February.

We realise this is disappointing news for all of our backers, having already waited patiently for your Moasure ONE, and for that we sincerely apologise.  But we are committed to not compromising quality to achieve an earlier ship date, and I’m confident you’ll be pleased that we haven’t when you receive your Moasure ONE.  

As a small gesture of goodwill to compensate for the delay, we’ve decided to include the Moasure Belt Pouch with every backer’s Moasure ONE (see photo).  If you have already ordered a Belt Pouch on BackerKit, you will not now be charged for it. If you have already been charged, you will be refunded.   

Moasure One Pouch

Finally, some of you still haven't completed your BackerKit survey. This is VERY important - If you don’t complete your BackerKit survey, we will NOT be able to ship your Moasure ONE to you. By now, you should have received 3-4 reminder emails to complete it - if you haven’t seen these, please check your spam box. But whatever you do, please don’t ignore emails from BackerKit!
I’d like to once again re-assure you that we are doing everything in our power to get your Moasure ONEs out to you as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, thanks again for your patience and continued support.

Best regards,



Founder & CEO


PS: Some Android users who tried to download the app after 28th December found that it had reverted back to a paid app (a Google restriction).  We have now made the app free to download again from tomorrow - permanently this time.  Please do try the app, if you haven’t already, and tell your friends about it too.

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