Manufacturing Update - January 29th 2019

Manufacturing Update - January 29th 2019

Hi Backers,

Well, our manufacturing has just shutdown for the Chinese Spring festival celebrations, in other words for the next 2-3 weeks. We’ve had an engineer present in the factory during the last two weeks, and have been really impressed with the approach taken by our manufacturing partner, covering all aspects of production.

 Progress since the last update includes: 

  • The revisions to the injection mould tooling have been completed and we’ve received ‘second-off-tool’ sample housings which now look great and resolve the issues we had with the first-off-tool samples. 
  • The issue with the production software has also now been resolved, and as a result, we’ve also significantly increased our production capacity.
  • Overall we managed to get almost everything we wanted to achieve completed prior to the shutdown, and are on target for mass production to start as soon as the factory re-opens. 



Perhaps the most exciting news for our backers is that the delay caused by the Chinese New Year shutdown has provided us with the opportunity to upgrade the motion sensor hardware in the Moasure ONE. We’re certainly very excited by this development. Not only will the upgraded sensors produce more accurate measurements than the original motion sensors under more conditions, but they also provide us with the opportunity to continue improving Moasure ONE’s measurement performance after they’ve left the factory, through over-the-air software updates. It was a difficult decision to make because even though we knew we’d be improving the product we ship to you, we also knew it would have an impact on the delivery schedule. But thanks to all the in-house Moasure team and the fantastic support of our supply-chain partners - who are frankly pulling a rabbit out of a hat for us - we’ve limited the impact to less than one week - a not insignificant achievement! We know it was the right decision to take and we hope you agree that it's worth waiting that little bit longer to get an improved product. We now expect to start shipping Moasure ONE to our backers by the 28th February.



Some backers have been trying to download the Android Moasure app from the Play Store, only to find that their phone is not supported. I’d like to make clear that the current version of the app uses your phone’s internal motion sensors for measuring, so we check that your phone has the necessary sensors before enabling you to download the app. Once the updated version of the Moasure app that supports the Moasure ONE is released, we will remove this restriction, since the app will no longer rely on the phone’s internal sensors (although if you don’t have your Moasure ONE to hand and do have the necessary sensors in your phone, you can still use the Moasure app with just your phone). If you are using our app, we’d really appreciate it if you could write a review in the app store.

We took Moasure ONE to the CES show in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, and I’m pleased to say we had a very positive show, and met a couple of our backers in person. We even won the show’s ‘Hottest Startup’ competition. You can find out more here: Moasure @ CES 

Finally, we’re aware from some of the questions we receive that for some reason not all backers get to see each update we send out. The best way to reliably stay up to date with us is to follow us on one of our social channels:

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Best regards,


Founder & CEO

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