About Moasure

“As with most great inventions, Moasure was born out of necessity”

In 2002, founder Alan Rock needed to drill a hole through an 18-inch thick wall. The only option was to drill from both sides, but there was no easy way of making sure the holes would meet in the middle!

While trying to come up with a solution for how to line up the two holes on each side of the wall, the idea of using motion to measure was born.

Using the same technology as that in the guidance systems of space rockets – accelerometers and gyroscopes – a prototype motion measuring device was built. It worked, but it was far too large, heavy and expensive to produce for day-to-day use.

We’ve had to wait 12 years for the technology to shrink in size and reduce in cost, but at last we’re there. Today motion measuring is available in a brand new smartphone app, Moasure.

Our aim is to see our grandchildren grow up, not knowing how to use a tape measure or a spirit level!

Moasure - measuring app

“Motion measuring is so quick and easy to use. It already provides pretty accurate measurements, and it will only get more precise as the technology develops.  

In the not too distant future, as we use Moasure to take all sorts of accurate measurements in just seconds, we’ll look back and wonder why we struggled with a tape measure and spirit level.”