Tutorial - Tools Guide

Tool Settings Guide

Guide to Tool Menu Options

Reset All:

Use this to reset and remove all tool options changes to your measurements and return you to your original measurement.


Ignore Points:

This allows you to "ignore" a point after the measurement is completed. Once a point is ignored, a line will be drawn between the points before and after the ignored point(s).

Use this when you need to get around an obstacle; capture it or capture around it and then ignore the points afterwards.

See an example below:

During a Measurement:

Select a point during a measuring and use the Ignore Point Button:

se the "Auto-Ignore" setting to automatically ignore points along the same plane, to save you time ignoring points manually for larger measurements.

Extrapolate Corner:

Measure before and after an inaccessible corner, select the line produced and this feature will extrapolate the lines to the corner.

See an example below:

Note: This feature requires a minimum of two points on each wall/line before and after the extrapolated corner to work.

To 'Undo' an extrapolated corner, select the new corner point and then use the 'Undo Extrapolate Corner' tool

Join Start/Finish Points:

This will adjust your measurement and move the first and last points to the same position. Use this when measuring rooms and spaces where you are returning to the start position.

See an example below:

TIP: Use the "Auto Join start / finish points" setting to automatically join the start and finish points at the end of all your measurements, without the need to visit the tools menu.

Square Up:

This will "square-up" and adjust angles in your drawing. Useful for room measurements, where you want the walls and angles to snap to 90 or 45 degrees

See an example below:

Note: Change the strength of the Square Up in the settings menu.

TIP: You can Undo an "Square Up" in the Tools Menu.

Hide Warnings/Tips:

Select this to remove/hide the "Measuring Feedback" banner which shows the Warnings and Tips for your measurement.

TIP: Visit Settings > Measurement Hints to permanently disable specific "Hints"