3D Draw Tutorial

Measuring a Paving Area including elevation change


TIP:  Remember to pause for longer measurements. If you think it will take you longer than 6-8 seconds to get to your next point, break it down, by pausing


Measuring a staircase


How to suspend and resume a measurement
Use this to re-start a measurement from a known point, without returning to the start or to get around obstacles.


Note: You must resume the measurement from the exact point you suspended the measurement, ensuring the device is also in the same orientation.



Select the gear icon at the bottom of the screen.



To toggle the following settings:

• Auto-Join Start/Finish Points:
This willautomatically join the first and last points measured after you finish the measurement. (Use this only when you are returning to the same start point)

• Auto Ignore points:
This will automatically "Ignore" points along the same plane, after you finish the measurement. Eliminating the need to manually ignore individual points after the measurement.

• Auto-Square Up:
This will automatically square up the drawing after you finish a measurement. Corners that are almost 90 degrees will be adjusted to 90 degrees.

• Square Up strength:
Determines how close to 90 degrees each corner needs to be, for 'Square-up' to adjust it to 90 degrees.

• Show Last Leg:
Displays a line joining the most recent point to the start point.

• Show start/finish error:
Displays an error, based on the distance between the start and finish points, as a percentage of the total perimeter distance.Use this number as an approximate indication of the quality of a measurement. Aim for the error to be less than 1%, while expert users should aim to achieve less than 0.5%. Note: the error is only displayed when either 'Join start/finish points' is turned on or 'Show Last Leg' is turned on.

• Line Labels
Allows you to show & hide dimensions on screen and for exporting. You can also switch to line numbers, ideal for when you are exporting complex drawing where the dimension labels are overlapping.


Toggle between the following views, and also pinch to zoom and rotate your drawing.

View your measurement outline in a 2D Plan View (top down view)

Moasure finds the best 2D plane to show your measurement and display it in that plane.

View your measurement in 3D. Adjust the view using 'pinch and zoom' touch gestures.