Measurements can be made up of multiple Paths. Each Path is just a way of viewing the connections between points. You can change Pathtype while you measure or after your measurement is complete.

Straight Line
Straight Line is the most common path type you will use and the default when measuring. This simply connects each pause point with a straight line.

Trace Line
Trace Lines will show you the precise movement you made as a curved line between the pause points.

Circle mode will display the best fit circle that goes through as many of the points you measured as possible.

Arc paths will show the best fit Arc for all the points in the path.

Wall path is a very special, powerful mode for producing floor plans. Just place your Moasure device on each of the walls you want to measure as you walk round the room, making sure to finish on the same point on the first wall as you started. Moasure will then produce an accurate floor plan. See our quick video demonstration.

Ignore Line
Ignore Line is a special type of Path. The points in this Path will be ignored and won't be captured in your measurement. You can use this path if you need to walk a long distance that you don't want recorded. Remember to pause often as you measure, to improve accuracy.

Change a Path Type

To change a Path type after you've completed a measurement, tap the Edit icon, then tap Edit Paths.

From here, you can select an existing path to change the Path Type – or you can select an individual point to split the path or set a start point.

Split Path

Set a new start point for your measurement. This will set all points before the new start point as ignored points. This can be used after you've added a new Layer. If your new Layer includes a Line between the the second reference point and the point at which you started measuring the new Layer, you can use Set Start at the first point of the new Layer.

Set Start

This can be used to split a Path in your measurement i.e. to split a connecting line from one point to another. Once the Path has been split, you can change one or both of the Path types. For example, if you've used a Trace Line path type during your measurement, you can split this Path into two separate Paths. You can then change one or both of the Path Types.