Edit Menu Guide

Open / Close

This will adjust your measurement by moving and the Start and Finish points to the same position.

Square Up

Most corners aren't exactly 90 degrees, but if you want them to be, simply use the Square Up feature. This will square-up and adjust angles in your drawing. Useful for room measurements, where you want the walls and angles to snap to 90 or 45 degrees. You can change the 'strength' of the square-up feature – Low, Medium or High – or switch it off (default setting).

Ext. Corner

Extrapolate Corner: While measuring, pause before and after an inaccessible corner, select the line produced and this feature will extrapolate the lines to the corner.


This allows you to "ignore" a point after the measurement is completed. Once a point is ignored, a line will be drawn between the points before and after the ignored point(s). Use this feature when you need to get around an obstacle; capture it or capture around it and then ignore the points afterwards.

Edit Start

This allows you to set a new start point for your measurement. This will set all points before the new start point as ignored. This can be useful when using Layers.

Edit Paths

This allows you to select an existing path in your measurement drawing – and change the Path Type.


Tap Reset to clear any changes you've made to your measurement.