Moasure for Business

Moasure's revolutionary technology is here to help transform your business. With a range of applications and 24 different measuring modes, we can help improve efficiency across an extensive range of industries.

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The Property Market:

Whether it's measuring a lawn or drawing up a floor plan, our ground-breaking technology will help in many different professions within the property market.

Examples include: Property appraisers, surveyors, valuers, realtors, architects, landscapers and pavers.

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Field Service Teams:
We appreciate the importance of efficiency and output across field service teams and we know that our innovative solution can help save valuable time and effort.

Examples include: Utilities, installers & maintenance.

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Use Moasure technology to measure pallets and parcels in a flash, no matter the shape or size.

Examples include: Freight forwarders and warehouse staff

Workman measuring using Moasure ONE
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How can Moasure help your business?

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