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Moasure® ONE™ is the world's first motion-measure! An all-in-one compact tool for measuring in 1D, 2D and 3D, diameter, circumference, angles and levels, just by moving around.

It doesn’t matter if there are obstacles like walls or furniture in the way - just walk around them. Measure the length of the room, the house, or even the whole plot just by walking and tapping the device.

Moasure ONE offers far greater accuracy to our standalone Moasure app. This is because the motion sensors (accelerometers and gyros) in the Moasure ONE device are significantly more accurate than the ones in your smartphone. With this greater accuracy, we are also able to offer a wider range of measuring modes at your disposal.

Learn more about the accuracy, measuring modes, pricing and all technical specifications below.

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    "Excellent and innovative startup. Recently tried their product Moasure measuring app. Loved it"

    Rahul Suresh

    4 Mar 2019


    "The Moasure is excellent, even more coming from a startup company, congratulations to those involved"

    João Gabriel Estrela de Souza

    16 Apr 2019


    "Love the app!"

    Paul Shaner

    10 Apr 2019