How to Measure Around Obstacles

Measure Around Obstacles with Moasure

With Moasure® ONE™, measuring distance from one point to another, or calculating the area of complex spaces has never been easier.

Moasure's patented motion-based measuring technology enables you to measure around outdoor obstructions such as large bushes and ponds, and indoor obstacles like walls and furniture.

Measure Across Difficult Terrain, Without Line of Sight

Ideal for landscaping, assisting topographic or flood surveys, Moasure® ONE enables you to rapidly measure distance or calculate area regardless of obstructions such as rising ground, large bushes or trees, ponds or swampland. Simply moving around an obstacle and utilizing Moasure's in-app Ignore Point feature generates a complete measurement as if the obstacle was never there!

Measure Distance & Calculate Area Indoors

Ideal for realtors and property surveyors, measuring indoors with Moasure® is as easy as walking around. Calculate the area of irregularly-shaped rooms or measure the distance from one end of the building to the other – regardless of obstacles.

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