Getting Started with Layers

Watch this tutorial video and learn how to capture multiple shapes, relative to each other – in one, single measurement. Available on the all-new Moasure PRO app.

Key Tips

  • Remember, measurement error grows with time, not distance. Pause every 6 – 8 seconds throughout every measurement
  • Try to maintain a pace of at least 3ft (1m) per second – pause more regularly for longer measurements. Use each pause to plan your next move
  • Use the "Ignore Points" tool within the app to "ignore" individual points captured during the measurement. Once a point is ignored, a line will be drawn between the points before and after the ignored point(s). Use this feature when you need to walk around an obstacle, or when you don't have line of sight through an obstacle
  • View measurement feedback from Moasure Coach, to help you measure with confidence and accuracy
  • All Layers must share the same first two reference points to ensure they overlay in the correct place
  • When adding a new sub-layer, the Path between the orientation line and the first point of the sub-layer will be set to Ignore Line meaning this line will not appear on your measurement diagram
  • Once you've arrived at the sub-layer and when you're ready to begin measuring, change the Pathtype for the measurement
  • You can switch between other Path types throughout your measurement at any pause point