How to measure with Moasure ONE

Length & Width

1. Line up Moasure® ONE™ with the edge of the object, then move it across the table to the other edge and hold.
2. The Moasure® App will display the measurement result on your phone.
3. Click the save button on your phone to label and save your data and share it with your other electronic devices.


1. Touch Moasure® ONE™ on one corner of the area, then move Moasure ONE to the corner diagonal to it

2. The App will calculate the area for you in square feet or yards (cm2 or m2 for metric).

If the area is more irregular, touch down in all the corners and the App will still calculate the area.


1. Touch Moasure® ONE™ to any three points around the edge.

2. The App will calculate the radius, diameter, circumference, and area.

Curves, Arc & Irregular Shapes

1. Move Moasure® ONE™ smoothly along the edge.

2. The App will follow and measure the trajectory.

You can also measure irregular objects.

Follow the shape of an irregular object.


1. Move Moasure® ONE™ from a point on the first line or surface to a point on the second line or surface.

2. The App will calculate the angle between the two points.


1. Place Moasure® ONE™ on the top corner of the 3D object, then move Moasure ONE to the bottom diagonal corner of the object (farthest away from starting corner).

2. The app will calculate the volume of the object.