Getting Started with Moasure® STICK

Watch these essential videos to learn how to measure with Moasure® STICK.

Assembling Moasure STICK

Learn how to attach all of the components of your new Moasure STICK and how to correctly align the Moasure device.

Update Your Moasure App Settings

Tap the Settings icon, go to Measuring Options and toggle the Use Moasure STICK Attachment setting. This adjusts your Moasure ONE to help you maintain measurement accuracy.

Getting Started with STICK

From turning on your Moasure device to moving from one point to another, learn how to measure effectively with Moasure STICK.

Practice Measuring with STICK

Tap the Help icon to access Practice Mode; follow the in-app guide on moving and placing Moasure ONE. The app will give you feedback and help you improve your measuring technique.

If you need help with measuring with Moasure, just get in by tapping Get Help from a Moasure Expert. Your measurement data will be automatically attached, enabling us to view your measurement before we get back to you.