Getting Started with Moasure - Tips

Follow these tips to get the best experience from your Moasure device

Tip 1 - Turning On Moasure

Place the device in your hand and double-tap the front of the Moasure device gently to turn it on.

Moasure ONE will automatically switch off after a 30 second period of inactivity.

Note: Don't place it on solid surface when trying to double tap

Tip 2 - Holding Moasure

Hold the device between your first two fingers and your thumb, with your fingers on the top of the device and your thumb on the bottom, and the LED at the top of the device facing you and closest to your index finger.

This will give you maximum flexibility and control when measuring.
Always remember the reference point:

Moasure ONE - Measuring Reference Point


Tip 3 - Placing Moasure

Place the module against a surface gently; aim to not hear the module landing against the surface.

Use your finger tips as shock absorbers to help you achieve this

Remember: Place it down without a sound

Tip 4 - Moving Moasure

Move quickly, not slowly - try to maintain a pace of 3 ft (1 meter) per second.

Avoid unnecessary rotations when moving through the air.

Tip 5 - Longer Measurements

Pause every 6-8 to maintain consistently high accuracy.

With motion-measuring, the measurement errors grows exponentially with time, so split a measurement that would take more than 8 seconds into 2 or more steps.

Tip 6 - Practice & Help

Practice these tips by repeatedly measuring something that you already know it's size. Continue until you are achieving an accuracy of better than +/-1%.

If after a while you are still not getting the results you are expecting, then please get in contact with us and we would be happy to help.

How to Get Support with your Measurements


Select the "?" button in the top left corner after a measurement you are not happy with


Choose "Email Support".


Your last measurement data files will be attached to an email, just add the specifics of the issue you are facing and we'll review your data and get back to you.