Getting Started with Moasure

Take a look at these essential tips to get started with your Moasure® ONE™ measuring tool.

Turning On Your Moasure Device

Place the device in your hand (not on a hard surface) and with your finger, gently double-tap the front of the Moasure device to turn it on. Practice to find the right speed and force of your taps.

How to Hold Your Moasure Device

Hold the device between your first two fingers and your thumb, keeping the reference point (the LED light) oriented to the top left

How to Place the Device

Place the module against surfaces gently – use your fingertips to help reduce the impact. When placing Moasure on the ground during a measurement, let go of the device.

How to Move When Measuring

Move quickly, not slowly. Slower movement reduces accuracy. If you need to rotate the device during your measurement, do it gradually, not rapidly.

Moving Around Obstacles

When measuring, you don't need to move exactly along the path you're measuring. If there's an obstacle in your way, simply walk around it. Moasure will plot the next measurement point as if the obstacle was never there!

When to Pause While Measuring

Pause every 6-8 seconds to achieve the best accuracy. For longer distance measurements, pause more frequently. The Moasure PRO app's audible sounds and on-screen Timer Bar will remind you when to start and when to pause.

Plan Ahead

During the pause, use the time to plan your next movement. Listen for the app's sound prompt to remind you when you continue moving. Remember, if there's an obstacle in your path, simply walk around or over it to continue your measurement.

Get Support for Measurements

Tap the Help icon to access tutorials, guides and Practice Mode.

If you need help with measuring with Moasure, just get in by tapping Get Help from a Moasure Expert. Your measurement data will be automatically attached, enabling us to view your measurement before we get back to you.

Get Started with Moasure STICK

Learn how assemble Moasure STICK and how to measure with confidence. Watch our short tutorial videos and enjoy all the benefits of being able to rapidly measure just by walking from one point to another.