Moasure Case Study

How Mat Baroudi Uses Moasure to Measure Difficult Job Sites

Business owner Mat Baroudi describes how Moasure has transformed his landscaping business – with difficult measuring made easy, saving countless hours of precious time. Watch the video to learn more:

"Moasure allows me to measure, sends me the file which I can then import into my program – and get to work. It is a lifesaver."

Mat Baroudi
An English Gardener Landscaping

How Mat Baroudi Uses Moasure

Rapidly Measure Difficult Job Sites

Measuring complex shapes and areas with traditional tools has so much potential for error. With Moasure, you can now measure complex job sites in a completely new way – just by moving from one point to another – including around obstacles.


Measure & Draw Irregular Shapes

Whether it's curved lawns, driveways or pool decks, Moasure makes light work of irregular shapes. Simply trace along the edge or perimeter, and watch your measurement in real-time on your smartphone or tablet.


Capture & Measure Elevation Changes

Moasure captures measurement data in all 3 dimensions. Simply tap any point on your measurement to view X, Y & Z co-ordinate data, render a complete 3D site model – and measure between data points.


Capture Multiple Shapes with Layers

Measure multiple shapes – complex or simple, all in one, single measurement using Moasure's all-new Layers feature. As you move from one point to the next, you'll see Moasure capture each shape in real-time. Tap any Layer to view perimeter, area and more.


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Export Measurements to Design Software

Dramatically reduce the time wasted transferring measurements to your favorite design software. Simply tap Export to generate PDF, PNG, CSV or CAD-compatible DXF files of your completed Moasure measurement.

Rapidly convert your site measurements into project designs using AutoCAD, SketchUp, Vectorworks, Structure Studios, ArcSite, DynaScape and many others.


Win More Jobs

Moasure enables you to spend less time estimating, generate proposals with confidence and order the right quantities of materials. Boost your job proposal to job win ratio by making a great impression on your customers.

"The top three benefits of Moasure for my business are the time-saving, the accuracy of the measurements and the fact that I can bring measurements straight into my design software."

Mat Baroudi
An English Gardener Landscaping

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"It's cold outside but with Moasure, your estimates are fire. #smallbusiness #lawncase #work #hireus"
– Wicked Good Lawn Care LLC.


"It takes some time to learn, but I'm getting there. @moasure is ideal for exceptional measurements. Works perfectly with @vectorworks."
– MoHave Tuinen Garden Design & Landscaping


"It's breen great for measuring accurate areas for turf laying and re-seeding, fence lines and lawn treatments... this means more accurate pricing for our customers!"
– Ben Gooding Gardens - Professional Garden Maintenance & Soft Landscaping


"The new Moasure is a time saving measuring device that is fast becoming the toolkit for every landscaper and contractor, young and old..."
– Greentop Landscapes & Design

"I can't tell people enough; once you get into using Moasure, you'll never understand how you lived without it."

Mat Baroudi
An English Gardener Landscaping

Difficult Measuring Made Easy

Be ahead of the game with the world's first motion-measuring tool.

Measuring complex shapes and areas with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring the difficult, simple.