Important Firmware Update Available - July 2019


I have a very important message in this update relating to the measuring accuracy of your Moasure ONE. We’ve been receiving some great feedback from our users, but we’ve also been receiving comments from some users, saying they are not experiencing the level of accuracy they were expecting. After looking into this, we've also found Moasure ONE’s are not measuring as accurately as they should be.

We have been working intensively over the last 4 weeks trying to find the source of this problem. I’m pleased to say we have at last found the cause - a problem in the production calibration process, resulting in the calibration of a significant number of Moasure ONEs being incorrect. This results in worse accuracy than the expected +/-0.5%.

I want to sincerely apologise for this error and reassure you that we have updated our quality processes to ensure this doesn't happen again. However the whole Moasure team are really disappointed that this may have resulted in a poor first experience of your Moasure ONE.

I’m pleased to say that we have now implemented a resolution for this issue for you. In addition, we've also developed a number of other improvements to our Moasure measuring technology, which together further improve Moasure's measurement accuracy.

Finally, as a result of user feedback, we've added some further improvements to the app, including:

  • Improved user interface for tutorials, including the option to skip them
  • Adjusted sensitivity thresholds to display fewer measuring tip warnings

To get the benefit of all of these improvements requires a firmware update for your Moasure ONE module, together with an update to the Moasure app.


  • Instructions on how to update your Moasure ONE module firmware can be found here:

    Firmware Update

  • The Moasure app update is now available in both the App Store and Play Store.
Once you have updated both the Moasure ONE firmware and the app to the latest versions, you should experience a completely different Moasure ONE! You should be able to achieve distance measurement accuracy of better than +/-1%, and after a bit of practice developing your measuring technique, you can expect to achieve +/-0.5% for distance measurements. For area and volume measurements, you can expect to achieve +/-1.5%.

If for any reason you find you’re not experiencing that level of accuracy following the firmware and app updates, please do get in contact with us (using the Settings > Support menu in the app), and we’ll help get you there.

Best regards,

Founder & CEO