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Moasure Technology

How does it work?

What is motion measuring?

Moasure APP

How do I calibrate the app?

What is the accuracy of the Moasure app?

Can I increase the accuracy of my measurements in the app?

Is my phone compatible?

How much does the app cost?

Can I skip the video tutorials?

How do I pause a measurement?

What permissions does the app require and why?

Does the Moasure app use GPS / location settings?

Moasure ONE

How do I pair Moasure ONE with my phone?

What is the accuracy of the Moasure ONE?

What is the resolution of measurements?

What are the differences between Moasure ONE and the Moasure app?

Where can I order a Moasure ONE?

What is included with a Moasure ONE?

When is the Moasure ONE shipping?

Can I export the measurement data?


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How could Moasure work in my business?

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