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Moasure STICK - Extension Pole Accessory for Moasure ONE

I need help with my measurements

Smartphone Measuring Help

How do I calibrate the app?

What is the accuracy of the Moasure app?

Can I increase the accuracy of my measurements in the app?

Is my phone compatible?

How much does the app cost?

Can I skip the video tutorials?

How do I pause a measurement?

What permissions does the app require and why?

Does the Moasure app use GPS / location settings?


How does it work?

Where can I order a Moasure ONE?

What is motion measuring?

What are the differences between Moasure ONE and the Moasure app?

Do I need internet to measure with Moasure ONE?

What is the accuracy of the Moasure ONE?

What is the resolution of measurements?

What is the biggest distance I can measure?

Can I measure floorplans?

Can I locate objects within a measurement?

How do I get Square Footage / Meterage?

Can I measure in Metric and Imperial?

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